Tower Bridge

A Meccano Dealer’s display model in yellow/zinc with coloured lights and raising bascules. Powered by a mains ‘Enicron’ motor. A favourite at exhibitions.


Can you tell me what is an Enicron motor, who manufactured them and where I might buy one. I am building an orrery and the Meccano instructions recommend an Enicron. Thanks in anticipation.

Dear Francis. Did you build this model from plans? I am trying to obtain a plan of Tower Bridge to enable me to get a model built with 4ft high Towers. Would you be bale to help out with this? Kind regards, Debbie.

Hi Francis. Lovely model. Could you possibly tell me the mechanism used for raising/lowering the bridge? The reason I ask is that I own a few original 70s display models, however I have built the Blackpool Tower model from photos. I would like to do the same for the Bridge. I have a few frontal high resolution pictures to go on, but am guessing the internal mechanism is the Self Reversing Gearbox (similar to the tower). Could you help me? Best Wishes — Stephen.

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