At the Hainault Hangout, each December for the past few years, we have run some competitions to raise funds for the club. It has become my job to produce a model for the guess the parts/weight model.

The truck chassis is from a manual model that just did not look right, so I built a new body from strip-construction in our favoured colour scheme of red and zinc. The Multikit cab works well to produce a convincing delivery truck, complete with spare wheel and opening single rear door. Modern translucent parts have been used to represent the rear lights and I found a magnetic ‘Meccano’ sign (from the special edition loco set) and a hazard sticker from an old sheet of those reusable Multikit stickers.

The clockwork motor was part of the original chassis but the additional weight in the new body is far too much for the little magic motor to cope with. I may have to change it with my clean and little-used № 2 clockwork motor I managed to buy at SkegEx in 2014.

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