USS Enterprise

I am not a big fan of Sci-Fi. Yes, I have a mild interest but to say I know anything about it would be stretching it a bit to say the least. I have not seen any of the Doctor Who revivals and I can hardly remember the originals that I watched as a nipper. So when the subject of the Challenge was announced as being any Sci-Fi subject, the only thing that came to mind was Star Trek — even I know what that is!

The obvious subject had to be USS Enterprise, the iconic space ship went through many updates over the decades. Just as your car will morph from one mark to the next, it will still have similar line and be recognisable for what it is; the USS Enterprise did a similar thing. My model is a micro-model and for those with a technical bent is based on the NCC-1701 variant…

…It does exist — look it up!

The model was photographed on a black background using one source of light. The only image manipulation that was carried out was to ‘paint’ out the highlight on the Allen key the model is standing on. The photograph of the model shown currently on the home page has been ‘enhanced’ with a star background by the Webmaster — tacky!

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