Watt’s Beam Engine

This fine model is shown in the pre-war manuals for the Set 6 for 1927–35.

The pictures in the manuals do not do this model justice, as they are of poor quality, which makes constructing this large model a trifle difficult.

The constructor networked with several other builders to obtain modern digital photos of similar models.

The original was powered by a E6R or E20B type motor geared to drive the crankshaft by reduction gears. I have used a modern EM19 type motor from David Taylor. It incorporates a novel sun and planet motion on the end of connecting rod instead of the more usual crank, consisting of two meshed 57-tooth gears.

The real machine resides in the Science Museum in South Kensington and operates in a similar way.

The model is shown with Watt’s parallel motion, a condenser, an oil pump, and feed pump.

The tricky part of this model is two fold; one the flywheel, built from channel segments, and the beam which needs balancing with a few strips.

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