Wave Rider Fairground Ride

The idea for this model came from rides seen at fun-fairs, or amusement parks, such as swinging boats or the Magic Carpet. The movements of these rides are like pendulums; many fully rotate 360° as in my Terror’s Ark, others only swing in either direction. I have tried to achieve a full rotation but I have so far encountered lots of problems such as not getting a very smooth ride as planned.

Two arms support a large boat or platform for the riders which will rotate in both directions. However, it was not easy to get the full movement right and I struggled trying different motors and gearing systems to get it ready for exhibitions. I used sprocket chains to assist both arms but it did not work properly — too much weight appears to be the main problem.

I have made a lot of new modifications and so far I have been nearly successful in getting the movement almost right.

New arms, with weights, a lighter boat, re-positioning of the motor and other improvements are giving better results to finish this troublesome model. I hope it will work well; it is the first time that I am not fully happy so far with the full performance of one of my models.

There are three low voltage lights, a kiosk, and the base holds four 4 bays with twin wheels for easy transportation.

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