Wendy House

This was created for the 2016 SELMEC Meccano Show but was originally suggest by a friend Rosemarie four years ago. The pin table meant this had to go on the backburner until now.

The house is about 3’ by 2’ and 3’6” high to the roof. To the apex of the roof it is about 4’6”.

It has used almost all of my plates and strips. The more major parts are listed:

  • 128 of 12½” Perforated Strip.
  • 64 of 9½” Perforated Strip.
  • 60 of 7½” Perforated Strip.
  • 250 of 5½” Perforated Strip.
  • 120 of 3½” Perforated Strip.
  • 63 of 12½” x 2½” Strip Plate.
  • 16 of 9½” x 2½” Strip Plate.
  • 16 of 7½” x 2½” Strip Plate.
  • 64 of 5½” x 2½” Flexible Plate.
  • 60 of 4½” x 2½” Flexible Plate.
  • 32 of 12½” Flat Girder.
  • 16 of 9½” Flat Girder.
  • 16 of 7½” Flat Girder.
  • About 3200 Nuts and Bolts.
  • About 2000 Washers.

To transport it, the walls flat pack. They are connected together by fixed 1” Screwed Rods on the long walls which go through the slots of the Flat Girders on the short walls. Terminal Nuts are used to secure the Flat Girders to the 1” Screwed Rods. The roof does not flat pack.

Careful consideration has been made as to children entering the model. They must be three or over and less than 3’11” high. They must take their shoes off and there is a warning about internal bolt shanks. The door lintel has a 20” Driving Band on it in case they hit their heads.

The chair is completely made out of Meccano and will easily support 13st weight.

Other features are a ‘painting’ of a ship inside. The hinges are two of a Three Hole Coupling connected to the frame. A 3” Rod is passed through these and another Three Hole Coupling is placed in between the other two and bolted to the door. There are four hinges in all. There are two lights in the roof and a light switch made out of Meccano on the wall.

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