The Trembler Mk II Fairground Ride

I first built this model in December 2018, and it is based on a fairground ride sometimes called Aladdin’s Carpet or The Magic Flying carpet, which is a rotating platform were riders sit in two front facing rows whilst the platform falls away and rises back up in circular movements in both left or right directions.

Instead of dismantling the model to build a new one, I decided to give it a facelift so it will look rather different and also be much improved.

I started by dismantling the arch between the two towers and all the fittings attached to it. The back wall in the main rotating platform was also removed to give way to an improved one including some lights.

Attach to the towers I built four units mainly as decoration and built a new bridge and two smaller arches at the top, these being much larger and higher than the previous one.

The counterbalance at the back was also modified and much improved, the kiosks were slightly repositioned a bit lower, the two steps railings also were changed, and the two main entrance front arches also removed.

Behind the platform I built a wall from tower to tower to hide the two rotating units and heavy counter balance system.

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