Winding Drum Mechanism for Container Crane

Work in progress.


Fantastic and interesting.

Hi Ronan,

This appears to be an ingenious system for dual winches.

Would you please send me a few details — I would intend to build something similar.

Mike (Johannesburg, S. Africa)

Hi Mike,

I will send you an email with a video in a day or two. I will do my best to explain it.

Effectively you get 3 degrees of freedom out of the two axes. The yellow motor/gearbox drives all 4 drums simultaneously at the same speed.

There are two other 120rpm motor gearboxes. Each one drives a pair of drums counter to each other. The motion is achieved by using a pair of differentials for each axis. The intended application was for a container handler. 1) lifting the container 2) orientating (rotating) it 3) grab release it.

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