Granddaughter Clock

This clock is all my own design, from the escapement to the clock face.

A one metre pendulum takes two seconds for a complete swing. An escape wheel with six spokes is reduced with a 5:1 gear ratio for the second hand. This is reduced with the gear ratios 2:1, 2:1, 3:1 and 5:1 for the minute hand. The minute hand is reduced 3:1 and 4:1 for the hour hand.

The only non-Meccano parts are the weight and the plastic strip suspending the pendulum. The parts I have never used before are a pawl and ratchet (on the winding drum).


What did you use for a weight Guy? And what weight is it?!

The weight is a cylinder made from lead. I originally found it in use as a door stop. I estimate it is several kg; I do not know the exact weight.

Hi Guy. An interesting looking escape wheel. My Bert Love grandfather clock built 35 years ago needs 8.5 lbs to run it.

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