Painting Frame

This is a frame to hang parts for spray painting — laying the pieces flat for spraying had problems. I came across it on the New Zealand Meccano website.

It works well, and the writer has a couple of fascinating insights into Binns Road paint defects. The article — which I found fascinating — explains all and is recommended reading for general interest.

My version is the now patented MKII — it has feet, since I have no oven and it would have fallen over. These are the only changes to the original. I made a batch of hooks, with a jig for consistency, from the copper earth conductor stripped out of a scrap length of flat T & E electrical cable — the lighting size, not power. I have no fencing wire lying around, can’t get it in lockdown, and anyway copper is much more bendable for dodgy fingers. The patent spraying hood is a taped-up cardboard box on its side. Total cost: zilch.

It all works fine, though flanged parts are a little tricky and has the advantage that to spray the other side you need only turn the frame round. No need to wait for the first side to dry.

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