This model is based on the Robot Man from the № 10 set Special Model Leaflet 10.27, but which originally came from the discontinued № 9 set. My model has a number of changes, the main one being that I have created a large hole in his chest, but filled in the back, which is the opposite to the original. This is to accommodate two ‘tinned’ robots who stand in his chest behind a their own control panel. This idea was inspired by a Christmas episode of Doctor Who (The Next Doctor, 2008) where a giant Cyberman towering over Victorian London is controlled by some conventional ones in its chest. I could fit only two small robots in my model.

The other main differences are weapons rather than hands and swapping the square head for a circular one from two opened out Boilers.

The mechanism is the same as the original. He walks along and ratchets prevent the wheels from turning backwards. He is quite top heavy and I’ve tried to counteract that by moving the feet out by half an inch. He does walk but, at the last attempt, he had a tendency to fall forwards! I think some of the mechanism has slipped forcing both his legs to forwards and backwards together!

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