The Sky Scanner II Fairground Ride

I originally built this model in May 2021 and was ready for the SELMEC meeting on 12th June where it was displayed for the first time. It was not one of the biggest or best models that I have made, but it was fine to kill the time at home.

This time doing the same I decided to change something about the model and started by removing the rotating eight-armed wheel, thinking I would exchange it for a single arm with only two cars or boats.

I also dismantled the two towers on each side, a few parts of decking base, changed the top, added new side wall panels with braced girders, increased the size of the arch and also reduced the motor speed by adding additional pulleys to achieve a slower speed.

Instead of building new kiosks I placed two from my earlier model Galacticus.

At the rear a long strip now tilts the model, replacing the wire cord used before.

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