Articulated Lorry

This model is a continuation of my series of models from 2020 — this is the delayed Artic.

The traction unit is based upon a 7½” module and uses a Highway Kit cab, which due to the complete glazing meant a different remote steering solution had to be found. In my previous selection from 2020 I used a long rod beneath the model, an idea originally from Scotland. In the case of the Artic, this solution is not practicable due to access issues.

A complete redesign of the model’s steering system has had to carried out and the resultant traction unit is shown in the pictures featuring geared steering with a 3:1 ratio. The remote steering wheel is now situated between the cab and the semi trailers shown in the pictures.

The rear cab fixing has also been changed to a long bolt, part inserted in a threaded boss and locked by nut.

The semi trailers are of simple construction — one 9½” long and single axle, the other 12½” long and twin axle.

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