Bluebird Car

This is my attempt at the 1930s model of the iconic Bluebird land speed record car in the 1937 series of Meccano manuals for set 6, and later in the 1946 to 1949 series too.

I had issues with building this model, as the instructions are sparse in all the manuals that I looked at. The general build is close to set 6. There are extra angle girders in the cowls between the wheels and the rear end needs development. In my first attempt it is shown too wide, as the photographs do not show this well in the manuals that I looked at in print and online copies. In the revised model I have reworked the rear end and the cockpit areas and I think this looks better, and is nearer the manual’s model.

Certain parts of set 6 have been left out — like the sector plates at the rear end — as I was unable to correctly place them without the risk of causing damage to other parts held.

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