A string of six spotlights built to illuminate models at club events. Each one holds a standard 12V GU5.3 size LED bulb rated at 8W (50W incandescent equivalent) and features an arm allowing the angle of illumination to be adjusted, plus a built-in reusable cable tie for attaching it to marquee frames etc.

The triangular backplates are cut from standard stripboard which features parallel copper tracks spaced 0.1” apart — very convenient for Meccano mounting holes! The pins on the back of an LED bulb happen to fit just right into a 2-way strip of PCB-mounted screw terminals, which have been mounted at 90° to the stripboard and secured via two sturdy pins. A 4-way strip of PCB-mounted screw terminals supply power — two are for power coming in, and two are for power going out to the next spotlight in the string.


Neat work Tim.

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