The New Arcadium Fairground Ride

I originally built this model in April–May of 2022, and after displaying it at the West London Meccano Society’s meeting in June I decided to improve it, coming up with the idea of making the housing unit much higher to improve the inside view.

I changed the roof structure to a curved shape, gaining a few inches of extra space. I also changed the front of the model, positioning the doors and front railings forward to gain extra space for the new ride I would built inside. I also reinforced the underside of the base and increased its height.

I decided to add a nice lighting system inside, concealed with flexible plates, placing a Meccano sign so that it is illuminated when seen from the front.

Then, after removing the two rotating rides, I built a single one instead, much larger for the riders, and fitted directly on top of a new more powerful motor than the one it replaced.

There are 16 cars which rotate at a very fast speed for short intervals so as to thrill the riders.

The embellishment plate on top of the roof with the ride’s name was also changed and improved.

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