Burrell Showman’s Engine

A modified version of a model originally designed by Tony Brown and published as ModelPlan 100.

Steam engines of all types have long been a favourite subject for Meccano modellers. Showman’s engines were designed for use by fairground showmen, and would haul the rides from one site to the next while also providing electrical power from a generator mounted on a platform at the front of the boiler. They were always maintained by the showmen in immaculate condition with bright paintwork and polished brass always a feature.

The model is displayed today as if operating to power a ride. A drive belt runs from the flywheel to the front of the engine where the main dynamo sits. Another belt runs from the main dynamo to a second, known as an ‘exciter’. This was used to provide additional power for starting the heavier rides which became popular as the fairgrounds developed over time.

A chimney extension is used for when the engine is generating power, to take the smoke away from the rides. When not in use and when travelling, this fits on a bracket on the roof.

The model as originally designed was intended to be built from the parts available in a № 10 set. This version has been built without this restriction, which has enabled some features to be improved.


Hi. Are there any build notes for this model other than ModelPlan 100?

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