Eight Model Controller

This unit is able to control up to eight different models, and each model is able to have its speed set independently.

Normally the current status of the models is displayed on the user-friendly liquid crystal display, and the button below it can be pressed to activate the Emergency Stop which will stop all models immediately.

Turning the rotary switch allows for the selection of each model, displaying its name, speed setting, and which of the eight output jacks it is connected to. Pressing the button toggles the selected model on and off. Holding down the button allows settings to be changed for the selected model:

  • Swap the model with any other — handy to physically move a model to a different output jack.
  • Set the speed of the model — anywhere between OFF and 100%.
  • Set the name of the model — up to 16 alpha-numeric characters.

All settings are automatically saved, and persist even after power is removed.

Technical Details

The brain of the unit is an Arduino Uno microcontroller. This sends pulse width modulated (PWM) signals to four L298N H-Bridge modules which handle power output to the models. The unit runs on 12V DC and this is also the maximum output voltage available to each model.

The physical layout and wiring is shown in the second photo — if you would like a copy of the original diagram and the Arduino sketch please see my website.

The details of the rotary switch during construction are shown in the later photos. It consists of two slightly offset ‘gears’ which engage two microswitches. Thus movement and direction can be determined by the Arduino.

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