Arcturus Ferris Wheel

I wasn’t sure really, so soon after having completed two models already in 2023, that I should start another. There seems to be a relentless fire in me like a burning star that pushes me further and further, and even when I am just casually experimenting with pieces, an idea is instantly forming.

Without giving it much thought I assembled a few pieces into the form of a circle with yellow and red curved strips, and soon after a second joined it with 2½” of separation, and all of a sudden a new wheel-based model was formed.

I proceeded to build the wheel with 14 interconnected attachments on both sides where I would eventually mount the passenger cars. The design proved unusual in that it only allowed for 14 such pods instead of the usual 8 or 16, but I went with it anyway.

Unconventionally, I finished the wheel and mounted the passenger pods without having a base unit to sit it all on, and my attention turned to what was going to drive its rotation.

Rather than build something completely new, I opted somewhat reluctantly to partially dismantle a previous model I was still fond of — the Paradox with its unorthodox curved arm structure. This took considerable reshaping and then a long axle was fitted to hold the new heavy wheel anchored to the modified framework.

At first the excessive weight caused the structure to twist ever so slightly, changing the desired angle of how it hung and a few further adjustments were necessary to correct the problem and only when the wheel was sitting in the perfect position, and moving well, was the motor fitted.

The base was also redesigned along with a new entrance way, steps, railings, and the addition of lights and extra space to accommodate the queues where the waiting riders would eventually accumulate, and, doing something different to my previous models, I used a collection of little toy people to fill up the queue.

Due to the heaviness of the model, the wheel can be detached for transportation.

I have said to myself a few times before, that I wouldn’t build another wheel-based model, but then my instincts always take over, and after it’s done I am always rather pleased with the new outcome. You can’t really resist it; if you have it burning inside of you, it will find a way to come out.

The Giant Red Star Arcturus is said to be the brightest star in the Northern Hemisphere and the third brightest in our night sky, and I am delighted that it burns just as brightly as my third model of 2023.

Arcturus – Take a ride in its orbit, and you’ll know what it feels like to fall from a star!

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