Metamorphosis Fairground Ride

Change is probably something we associate with a given length in the passing of time, but perhaps a metamorphosis is something that happens much quicker. A three-day radical redesign of an existing Meccano model into something completely new gave me the idea that this should be the name for my new model.

I had only exhibited my Curse Rider model once at the SELMEC meeting in January 2023 when the impulse hit me to change it completely.

Normally a model might sit at home for a month or two before it gives way to the dismantling process to free up the parts and the space for something new. This time the process was almost instant!

I decided instead of starting from scratch with a brand-new model, that I would reinvent something from the existing and as such to transform this model completely.

No sooner had I thought it, I started immediately!

First by removing the tall tower from its base and removing the top of the base with its motor, holding axle and fittings.

I followed that by building a new round short tower and attaching it to the original long base from where I planned to attach the top platform, but in a tilting position.

The original rotating hub was fitted on top of this new unit.

I had to create an elaborate system into this hub so that I could fit twelve new seats for the thrill-seeking riders, and these had to be all at a precision to the ride height from the base, for practical mounting and dismounting.

More than a few changes were needed during the building process to secure these ride seats at the desired angles and distances, and then these were reinforced with additional extra strong supports to all twelve seats for a very solid finish.

Considerable calculations were needed to achieve the right shape and position and even then, additional changes were continually needed until the right shape was finally achieved as close to perfect as I was aiming for.

In the re-imagining of the model’s identity, the canopy gained a lot of extra weight, but I was able to anchor it suitably, and the heavy axle that was fitted was balanced perfectly resulting in a very smooth rotation.

Whilst the operational design of the model was evolved completely, the base, entrance way and arches were all kept as in the original model, and for ease of transportation I made the heavy canopy fully detachable.

Even by my own pace, I was still quite surprised that it was such a quick transformation, and that the changes had actually been many.

The Metamorphosis — A change is coming, and a ride in this creature will turn your thrill expectations into something new!

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