Pandemonium Fairground Ride

I started the creative process on this new model on Monday 3rd April 2023, not even sure exactly of what I thought I was doing, but the first action was in bolting five complete boilers to two long angle girders with spacers in the form of a slim tower.

Not having thought about any specifics at that stage I left it for a couple of days before I returned and continued to tinker, setting myself on making it into a fairground ride with two passenger pod boats attached on either end to a long rotating arm.

I have built similar models before using this particular rotating movement which is seen in real amusement park rides such as the Mary Rose, to name just one of them. So as usual the trick is to always try and give the model a different look or feel from my previous efforts.

The motor is fitted on the side of the tower from where it is connected to a large pulley. This was built with two circular plates (part № 146) bolted together and using two elastic bands. I was pleased to use a geared motor with just the right speed which was easily controllable.

The rotating arm is freely fitted to a heavy-duty axle which also holds a Meccano sign that maintains the upright position in this axle.

The rigid base is strongly built to anchor and support the tall slim tower securely. I have kept the main entrance, side walls and double arch as simple as possible to avoid too many unnecessary fixtures impeding the sight-line of the passenger loading area into the pods.

There are two warning signs with lights, a Meccano elastic band, two Meccano club signs, and the main kiosk sporting the model’s name. It is free-standing and not connected to the main base, which reduces the weight for easier transportation.

Pandemonium took five days to build.

Considering I hadn’t started off with any real concept of what I was planning to make, I am contented with my five day April effort and it goes to show that form and structure can still emerge from creative disorder.

Pandemonium — Turn your world upside down and take a turn to descend into hell and back.

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