The Aggressor Fairground Ride

I built The Apocalypse at the beginning of 2023, and it was displayed at the Runnymede Meccano Guild Meeting in February and later changed to another, different model. Getting ready for the SELMEC meeting in June, I decided to build another fairground model.

I changed the tower, increasing its height and changed also the rotating canopy with extra extension to each arm.

The base was also changed and a detachable platform was built with the main entrance to the ride.

The large and heavy canopy is also detachable for transportation and it only sits on top of a heavy-duty axle fitted to the main tower. Three additional items are also inserted in this axle mainly for decoration.

The drive from the motor is done with one piece of a circular cord which encircles the main outer body of the rotating unit held by several bush wheels, and it can be controlled at low or very high speed.

The position of the seats for the riders will create a strong thrill and sensation, making riding this machine a very extreme and serious proposition.

Ride the Aggressor — if you are brave and dare.

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