Barge/Floating Crane

The original version of this model is from the 1937–41 and 1954 set № 9, and is a pontoon crane or a barge crane.

The model as built has changes to the turntable area and uses a 7” roller bearing made by Ashok Banerjee, consisting of two plates and eight brass rollers built on a hub disc (see turntable detail photos).

The model is totally hand-operated with slew, jib luffing via a screwed rod mechanism, and hoist via a geared handle.

The base is 18½” by 12½” and uses plates and angle girders and the construction is seen in the photos, both the top face and the underside. The turntable base is central and uses the geared plate, which meshes with a 19-tooth gear to slew the model through 360°.

The superstructure’s construction is clear and has the slew handle, the luff handle, drives a screwed rod mechanism and the geared hoist handle and ratchet brake.

The model worked well and there were no issues with the build, except that the base needed reinforcement to allow it to travel to meetings.

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