Tipping Lorry

This model’s original instructions are shown as model № 405 in the Stokys set № 4 manual. At a recent meeting a member brought in two models built from the original Stokys parts. One had the shown tipping mechanism and it was shown not to work. The other had a geared system using extra parts and could lift the body.

A Meccano version was considered by the builder, using the Stokys instructions as a guide. The lorry follows the constructor’s standard bonnetted lorry chassis on four wheels and a body built close to the Stokys original one. It was noted the Meccano body was a lot heavier. The geared system was tried using two stages of 4:1 gears to a 19-tooth pinion driving an eccentric 57-tooth gear carrying a coupling for attachment of the ram rod. This method worked well.

A development of this system, shown in the later photos, was tried to eliminate the slide on the underside of the bodywork. This uses a 6mm diameter screwed rod from the large axle system and its nut for connection to the ram. This mechanism works well and lifts the body.

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