Baron of the Big Blue

In making a new ship for January 2024 I decided that something about it would have to be different. In previous such models where and if I had included cannons aboard, I had done so on upper and lower decks but always one immediately above the other which looked easy on the eye but wasn’t necessarily correct with all such vessels.

I set out initially just to explore the cannons mounted in a zig-zag position over two deck levels, once again without any real intention to complete a whole new model.

I used a few flexible plates (part № 188) to separate the opening in the hull for these cannons and bolted to an angled girder. I used two rows of these guns on two separate decks and was pleased enough with the result to continue, so I added a few more and more parts to a point where the hull kept getting bigger and bigger and in this way I was reeled in.

Having been hooked, by the afternoon I had one side of the hull almost finished and kept going by adding the front and back two turrets. From there I knew there was no turning back and that now a tide of creative juices was carrying me, certain for sure that yet another new ship was about to join my fleet collection.

However, due to the growing size of the model and it getting heavier and heavier, I decided not to fill the other side of the hull with so many plates, girders and other parts.

By the third day all the decks and fixtures were built, as were the two turrets, the additional guns etc. and I was ready for thinking about the masts.

They followed the very next day with rigging to secure them to the decks and railings.

At this point before using rigging to climb to the top of masts, I came up with a new idea for using long axles for all the masts instead.

I used five axles to the central mast in both sides and four on the other two axles, a total of 26 which again added much extra weight.

26 pulleys (part № 22a) were used and bolted to these axles and main decks to give the model a more distinctive look, and indeed I felt like it could proudly sit among my collection with an identity all of its own.

As I set about adding the finishing touch of mounting the sails, all there was left to do was to anoint the ship with a worthy title and the finishing ceremony was just to christen it.

‘Baron of the Big Blue’ — defender of waves high and mighty!

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