Hell’s Halo Fairground Ride

It is always a challenge for me, having built so many fairground themed models, to come up with something totally new, and so the main drive is how to push myself into doing something better.

I never want to feel like I have just created another model without having employed a different idea or way to drive the mechanism for example, or just the challenge of streamlining each shape.

This new such model is an eight-armed fairground ride with swinging cars, mounted on a round large well-supported circular plate, the aim of which is to freely rotate on heavy duty axles.

It’s a model that shares visual DNA with others I have built before but implementing a new system I haven’t tried before; the axles free to move in a tilting platform holding at one end two circular plates which are bolted together engaging a motor fitted underneath.

I have previously always fitted these axles to the base, the new system reduces greatly the parts and works just as effectively, which I was delighted to discover after the first test run.

The rotating canopy holds the eight tilting arms in an angled formation and has eight additional supporting strips to a central hub, the main feature of which is a decorative central spindle giving the model a very distinctive feel from its predecessors.

The rotating canopy being fairly heavy has been made easily detachable for easy transportation.

The main entrance way has an inviting arched construction which also features the amusement park ride’s name the model’s name, something that can also be challenging to find a suitable match.

‘Hell’s Halo’ — A spin on a fallen crown will see your heart drop!

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