Bren Gun Carrier

A Bren gun carrier from the second world war, used by the British army, and based on Dinky toy number 622 from 1975–1978.

The model is made up in mostly box section. I had to make a paper template and then cut out the front wheel guards out from two old 5½” and 1½” flexible plates. Some old Meccano parts were painted with Humbrol paint № 150.

The most difficult part to make was the wheels and track. The leading wheels are two wheel flanges back-to-back next to two 1½” pulleys and a 1” pulley next to a single 1½” pulley. Both wheel sections are linked by springs from the 2007 bicycle outfit. The rear wheel is the drive from the engine to the track via a 2” sprocket wheel.

The canvas cover was cut out from a small handbag and the Action Man was brought from a car boot sale.

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