Cargo Ship

When I first opened a set 2/3/4 manual, there were examples of what could be built with the bigger sets. Set 10 was the cargo ship, and as a young lad it seemed like a pipe dream to build it. Set 10 was very expensive; in those days about 130 pounds, equivalent to 1,500 pounds today. So it rested for nearly 40 years.

Some special details of the construction are given below:

  • The manual says it should present no difficulty to build even for the inexperienced model builder. However, the instructions were not good and the diagrams not very clear in places.
  • ā€˜Uā€™ section curved plates have to be straightened. I bought extra flat ones.
  • It took about a fortnight to make.
  • The lifeboats are a better design than that in the manual.
  • A strip and plate bender is used to avoid damage to the plates.

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