Chevrolet Silverado Pickup Truck

This kit model took me six hours to assemble, only to find that the Grille trim and Bumper were still in the box! The instructions made no mention of these parts, so another ½ hour was needed to fit them.

The main problem with the truck is that the steering is much too stiff to operate due to the tight fitting of the king pin and track rod ball joints (plastic ball and sockets), so more attention needed. Otherwise, assemble was fairly straight forward, producing an attractive looking model. If I can fix the steering, I may consider converting it to radio control.


Where did you purchase this kit from, as I want to purchase one? The only place I have found at the moment is Australia.

Hi Andy, I received this kit as a gift 18 months ago when it could be imported into the UK from Target stores in the USA.

What do you think you can do to fix the steering problem?

It would require easing of all the ball joints with fine emery paper but which would be tricky, risking making them too loose! So I haven’t bothered.

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