Christmas Tree

I was having my breakfast early as usual knowing that I had been late to do our Christmas decorations so far this year. Being Wednesday the 19th December I wanted to start today when suddenly a silly idea came to my mind — why don’t I build a Christmas tree with Meccano? So I started thinking if I could start immediately and display it instead of my proper Christmas tree.

Well it was about 9am when I started not knowing how or what parts to use, however soon I was assembling parts, testing what was best or the right parts to use. After a few experiments I knew what to use and how. I wanted the branches attached to the trunk to be in green; however, as I already had done a few sections in silver or chrome I decided to press on and continue as it was coming along. By midday the tree was built with lights and decorations. It is a medium-sized model and I think it is suitable to have it being displayed this Christmas as a novelty.

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