Circular Narrow Gauge Railway with Quarry Train

This model originally had a simple track made from 18 formed slotted strips joined end-to-end. The gauge was maintained with plastic spacers. (This was designed for the Secretary’s Challenge). The locomotive is a freelance narrow gauge diesel approx 10mm to 1 foot (roughly 2 foot gauge). The side tipping wagon actually tips and contains home-made ‘coal’.

The model has now been developed further — the circular track has been replaced by a new one, roughly the same diameter, the outer rail of which is supported by a 12” dia. flanged ring, and a 6” circular plate supports the inner rail. The plastic spacers are omitted to leave a slot between the two rails. An oil wagon has been added to the train.

A power drive motor concealed in a circular base (which, before I added some structural embellishments, looked like a biscuit tin!) drives a pair of circular rings via a large driving band. Two vertical narrow strips on the rings engage with the loco and tipping wagon to pull them around the track.

The tipping wagon is filled with my own home-made coal.

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