Compact 6-Speed and Reverse Gearbox

A model of the late Tony Bolton’s excellent 6-speed and reverse, all pinion compact gearbox, shortened by 1” by using narrow face gears.

Also added are the shift rails, detent controls, gear shift mechanism and double ‘H’ pattern gate. A new diaphgram clutch and release pedal and made-up propeller shaft Hookes joints driving a Torsen type limited slip differential. One axle output is a fully floating 4:1 planetary reduction hub design incorporating large axle parts.

  • New design of diaphragm clutch.
    • Release pedal mechanism.
  • Made-up propshaft Hookes joints.
  • Torsen type 1 traction control differential.
    • Contrate (crownwheel) and pinion.
  • Fully floating geared hub.
    • 4:1 reduction planetary gearing.
    • Large axle supporting shaft.
    • Small axle driving shaft.


Mr. Alan Wenbourne, this is fantastic work. Is this a constant or synchromesh gearbox, and for your DSG how did you make dog-clutches? Even I have made an DCT gearbox, a completely new design, but it isn’t as good as yours.

This looks superb! Are there plans available for the gearbox?

Marvelous. Just Marvelous. I agree, please transmit your knowledge — give us plans!

Hi, It as been asked of you before, but do you have any detailed plans to build the gearbox? Regards, Ramon.

Hello there! Those compact gearboxes are such and amazing kind of work! ! Do you sell then? If so, how much would it be for a Compact 6 speed with the clutch? Thanks

Hi Alan. I am in the process of trying to construct the compact 6 speed gearbox. I see in forums you have been asked about more detailed plans/parts lists. Would you have any available please? I have built another gearbox of yours, the ravigneaux planetary transmission, with great success.

Hi, the gearbox is amazing. Do you do gearbox for sale or plans /part list please? Regards, Chris Morse.

Hello. I am very interested in finding the instructions to set up your gearbox. I also want to congratulate for all yours meccano models. Sincerely, Honori Pla.

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