Dealer’s Display Motorbike

This motorbike is a modern dealer display model, first seen at the 2010 London Toy Fair. These models, I believe, were built by outside organisations for Meccano.

The model does not promote any particular set and was intended to just fly the flag in general. I have not idea how many of these models were made and I have not seen one on display in a retail outlet. Since acquiring it I have had reports of a couple of others stopped in shops in the Midlands. But the most interesting sighting was at the Science Museum in London’s Exhibition Row. Sue and I have seen that particular model with our own eyes. Sadly, it is in a poor state with parts missing, the drive band is not on its pulleys and is being worn away through lack of maintenance.

Our display model is going to need some careful cleaning and rebuilding to recitify the odd bit of misalignment here and there, probably caused by some minor crushing and rough treatment at some time in its life. There is nothing too seriously wrong with the model that a few hours work on the bench will not rectifiy.

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