Diesel Locomotive

The original intent for this Challenge model was to make a class 33 locomotive from the 1970s/1980s. Once it was made it did not look much like a class 33! I think the main problem is that it does not look rounded enough and the parts are too limited to create any decent details. It would have been good to curve the top of the locomotive, but there is no way of forcing the plastic plates into that shape. In some ways it still looks like some sort of a diesel service vehicle, but as to which, I am not sure. Chris Warrell commented it looks like a class 73 so I’ll go with that.

The bogies are made out of fishplates and revere angle brackets, and it makes for a quite sturdy arrangement. The wheels are oddly red as I did not have enough yellow ½” pulleys to achieve the bo-bo arrangement. The track is not included in the Challenge. It should be just about possible to build this with Pocket Meccano Set parts, but I ran out.

The locomotive would take 38 pocket sets to make due to the number of fishplates.

Part № Description Quantity
10 Fishplate 76
12 Angle Bracket ½” 30
23a ½” Pulley Plastic 12
37 Bolt 130
37a Nut 174
51 Flanged Plate 2½” x 1½” 7
111 ¾" Bolt 2
111a ½” Bolt 16
120a Flat Trunnion 12
125 Reversed Angle Bracket ½” 14
194a Plastic Plate 2½“x1½” 7
235d Narrow Strip 4½” 4

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