A model of a dinosaur featured in an early 1930s instruction manual. Looking it up, I discovered a set 4 model of a Diplodocus. On careful inspection, there were some problems (there usually are!):

  1. The picture wasn’t very clear and the only instructions were “screw the nuts and bolts up tightly because the Diplodocus looks most dejected when he droops."
  2. The parts list was obviously wrong.
  3. The completed model would be about six feet (1.8m) long, which seemed more than my fair share of table at our exhibition!

A visit to the Children’s Section of our local public library furnished a book with a nice illustration of the beast, from which I built this model. The book also told me how to pronounce the word, although if I can understand the phonetics properly, my dictionary says you can pronounce it either way.

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