Dockside Crane

The idea for this model, I admit, is not entirely original, but read on. The model is based very loosely on the icon of engineering at Clydebank in Scotland preserved for us to visit and admire its grandeur.

The model is based loosely on that built by our Chairman Francis Paine who exhibited his at the 2010 Great Get Togethers and our meeting in July 2010. I have developed and improved the model by rebuilding the tower, turntable and other parts — notably the gearbox on the end of the boom.

Currently the model is electrically driven by a 12V motor available from Como Drills or Maplin. It is very powerful when geared down. The motor is geared to power three motions: slewing, moving the crab trolley, and hoisting the load.

It has proved a challenge to gear the various motions so they operate at the speeds near to that of the real crane.

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