Drilling Machine

This is model 2.14 in a 1970s manual. It seemed to me the drill should retract to the up position when not in use. After looking on the Internet for real drilling machines I was none the wiser as to whether this was true or not.

With no evidence I made the alteration anyway, using a tension spring which is a very cheap part and could easily be included in set 2. A 2½” rubber band is an alternative but doesn’t look as good and is already included with the magic motor, which means it is not strictly ‘set plus one’.

Other set 2 models which could use a tension spring:

  • 2.3 — Dockside Crane — To stop the winding drum from unraveling when under load.
  • 2.9 — Lifting Shovel — To keep the shovel in a lifted position.
  • 2.10 — Tractor — To keep the steering central when not operated.
  • 2.12 — Fork Lift Truck — Same as for 2.3.
  • 2.15 — Go Kart — Same as for 2.10.


Was looking at my gear set manual (1970s) and saw a drilling machine sliding drive mechanism with a compression spring to keep the drill in the up position when not in use. So there you are.

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