Drum Kit

This has been built for the Secretary’s Challenge which is to decide on your own least useful Meccano part and use at least four of them in a model. I have chosen the Conical Disc — part № 187a of which I have six, all of which came with the № 10 set I bought in about 1974. There are only two models in the set that use any of these: 10.8 Beam Bridge where all six are used as lights, and 10.14 Eiffel Tower where four of them are used as decoration about half way up the top section. I have never made either model and, as far as I know, have never used any Conical Discs in any model.. until now!

The Conical Discs suggest cymbals, so they’ve been incorporated into a drum kit. There’s a bass drum, three tom toms of various sizes, a snare drum, a hi-hat (that’s the two cymbals together on one stand) and two crash cymbals. The kit was based on a picture of a Pearl Session drum kit found on the internet.

The hi-hat uses a rod-with-keyway with a thin wire in the slot attached to the upper cymbal and the floor pedal. Some of the blue plastic plates around the drums have been cut down from damaged ones; that’s how I got a 1” wide plastic plate!

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