Flying Bi-Planes

Earlier in 2010 I built a helicopter pylon flyer. Although successful, it was a bit of a liability at meetings as it could really get up a turn of speed. Something a little more sedate would be a much better idea. It occurred to me a smaller version of the old blue/gold display model of a revolving structure with Meccano aeroplane constructor models hanging from it could be built using the small bi-plane design-starter kits. These were sold exclusively by Marks and Spencer for the past couple of years during the run-up to Christmas.

Sue bought the 2008 kit and it was built along with a second model from stock parts in different colours. The 2009 offering of the same model was issued in a different colour scheme, again and we purchased one. Another bi-plane was built from stock parts resulting in planes in four different colours.

The model also incorporates a modest amount of rise and fall and you will note that the Meccano sign is revolving in the opposite direction to the bi-planes. Two motors, housed in the base, power the model. The plastic joiner, that can be seen joining the drive axle’s inside the lattice tower, is incorporated to act as a clutch to protect the motor/gearbox if the model becomes jammed.

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