2007 — A Spares Odyssey

Thought of this at January 2007’s SELMEC meeting where the Secretary’s Challenge was to build something representing a TV or Film theme — wish it had occured in time to meet the Challenge.

“My God — - — It’s Full of Holes”

For the mathematically minded: If you space 2 x part 52 slightly apart — you can get very close to the “classic” 1 x 4 x 9 proportions of the Monolith in Arthur C. Clarke’s classic science fiction novel (i.e. 1^2 x 2^2 x 3^2).

In my version I have managed 16mm x 65mm x 142mm.

Taking 16mm as ‘unity’ — that gives 1 x 4.065 x 8.875 — which is within 2% of the ‘prototype’.

Not bad for such a simple model!

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