Galacticus Ferris Wheel

It is over a year ago when I built this Ferris wheel. I have built few others over the years and never thought I would build another one of the same type, however thinking of a new design I started and finished this model. I called it Revolution, and after a few modifications I later renamed it Revolution Mk II and finally Stratosphere after few more changes.

It was displayed both at the Runnymede Meccano Guild and Holy Trinity Meccano Club and won two trophies. Soon after, back at home I came with the idea of increasing its size and with lots of extra additions and changes it grew to the present size making it impossible for me to transport the model anywhere.

Suddenly and recently knowing that the only way to show the model was by using a van, I asked my son to lend me his and finally I have been able to display this large model.

With summer ending and meetings and exhibitions behind the door, we arranged to use the van and display the model for the first time at the SELMEC meeting on 9th Septebmer 2017, followed by others in the coming months.

So getting the model ready I spent about one week in doing a major overhaul changing many fittings and improving the overall look of the huge beast, reducing its weight and also adding new fittings and refinements, two new units to be seated at both side of the wheel’s base adds its base dimensions to over 5’ in length, with a width of about 70cm.

The wheel height is over 6’ high and its diameter is 1.62m. There are two new additional units at either side — one is a cafe with seats and menu, tables, benches, lights, bin and signs and the other one is a children’s small ride.

The entrance canopy was decorated with signs, mainly adverts for Meccano club events.

Many power units or gearing systems were fitted and tested with unsatisfactory results. I was frustrated until finally a motor from another model proved to be right and solved the problem using a simple system of pulleys and elastic bands.

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