This is similar to the go-kart in the 1970s manual model 2.15. It is designed for long distance running. Special design factors are:

  1. Use gears instead of a band drive. A 1” Elektrikit Bush Wheel with three Pivot Bolts is clamped to the Magic Motor pulley. A 1” Gear Wheel is connected to the Bush Wheel.
  2. The driven axle has a 50-tooth Gear Wheel giving a fairly high ratio of 1.32:1. This stops too much energy being wasted in friction in the Magic Motor governor. The driven wheels are a 1½” Pulley with Tyre.
  3. The steering is non-functional. I tried the steering as in the manual, but the go-kart would not even start!

Using gears seemed to pay off — it won the distance race. In the speed race it came 2nd, but I was lucky to win my heat as Chris Warrell’s vehicle gave the go-kart a push from behind rather than overtaking it!

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