Hard Working Man

I built this model with four identical men all hammering at the same time on a polycarbonate piece attached to the main base. They all were interlocking with axles and gears in a square base built with flanged plates and angle girders. They all hammered in different angles to the block, but I noticed the movements were not that smooth and created a problem which made me decide to unbuild three of the men and leave only one in a modified smaller base.

Later I found out that the problem was mainly by not having oiled the four single throw eccentrics attached to the men’s legs.

So oil was put onto the remaining eccentrics and the model works very smoothly. I regret to have forgotten such a thing and the four men should have been doing really fine.

The model was powered by a 6 ratio motor which later was replaced by a crank or handle to do the movement manually.

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