HR1 London Tram

This is a 1:12 scale model of a prototype that was introduced to operate over steep gradients such as Dog Kennel Hill in Forest Hill, in South London. These trams had equal traction trucks (i.e. both axles are powered) rather than the more usual maximum traction ones.

The model originally used four Meccano Power Drive motors, one driving each axle, but this was found to overload the transformer. There are now just two motors (one in each truck) and they provide enough power.

Although the model is complete, there is the option to add trolley poles to the roof. Some of the trams ran under the wires as well as using the conduit system. This model features a “plough” for current collection from a conductor rail, surface mounted in the model, but buried in a conduit (beneath the road surface) in the real thing.

Other possible “optional extras” could include the screen for the driver. These were added later to the fleet, the early trams having no weather protection for the driver. Since my tram is supposed to represent one of the early trams I have decided to leave the screen out.

The overall dimensions of the model are 34½” long x 7½” wide x 15½” high above rail level.

The model runs over five panels of track (each 24½” long). I still have the idea of construction a working “change pit”, so that the tram could change from conduit to overhead supply — watch this space!

This model was started sometime in 1994.


Hello Chris, that is a beautiful model. Are there plans to build it available? Stephen.

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