Jekyll and Ride Fairground Ride

After so many incarnations of fairground rides where I had to keep dismantling models for each new design, I came up with the idea of a dual functioning model that could lay claim to be the world’s first double-personality amusement park attraction.

I started by using the same base and structure of my Propulsion model but designed a new rotational center piece that could be interchanged with it and the ability to be able to speedily change the ride experience that was offered was just as important. One unit with two completely different fittings to offer different ride options.

The different options can be applied just by sliding each design onto the single central axle located at the top of the tower.

The original Propulsion mount is an eight-armed ride with swinging carriages but the new interchangeable addition only sports two opposite arms with a single carriage at each end placed inside a circular loop where they freely rotate but keep in a balance position due to the weights fitted at the bottom of each carriage. The two end loops are constructed with four flanged rings attached to a long arm and just as the Propulsion mount, is fixed centrally via the axle.

For the first time I find I have a design with split personalities and so the name had to similarly encapsulate that.

The Jeklyll and Ride — You don’t know which one is scarier, but once you get on, there’s no place to hide!

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