January 2020 Meeting

Saturday 4 January 2020
12:00 noon – 5:00pm

Falconwood Community Centre
31–39 Falconwood Parade
DA16 2PG

This is one of our informal quarterly meetings where our members show off their latest Meccano creations.

Our resident Meccano trader, Meccanoman Dave Taylor, will have a wide selection of new and used parts for sale, and there will be light refreshments available too.

At around 2:00pm we will have a short committee meeting, followed by the Model Tour in which members are invited to give a short talk about their models — in particular their entries for the Secretary’s Challenge!

You are welcome to come along to view the models and chat to our members. If you want to bring along a model of your own, we’d love to see it! Only if you attend our meetings regularly will you be asked to pay our annual subscription charge.

Please contact our Secretary Chris Warrell if you would like membership information, or just turn up at this meeting if you’re curious and are thinking of joining us.

Portable Appliance Testing

All mains-powered equipment used at our meetings and events must be tested for electrical safety at least once a year. You will not be able to use equipment that does not have an in-date pass label affixed to it confirming that testing has been carried out.

Only equipment connected to mains voltage needs to be tested, such as extension leads, transformers and lamps, but not models themselves unless they incorporate a mains voltage motor. Please note that the club has its own extension leads, so you do not need to use your own!

Ralph Laughton has kindly volunteered to offer free Portable Appliance Testing at our meetings for members and visiting modellers. If you have any concerns about your equipment meeting the required standards, or would like to arrange testing, please contact Ralph directly.

The Page Two Models Secretary’s Challenge

This Challenge is an idea from Brian Leach. It follows on from the Challenge in September 2008 when part numbers from page 1 of the 1970s instruction manuals was to be used. This Challenge this time is to build a model from part numbers from page 2 of the manual, so part numbers 51 to 145 only.

This means that you can’t use any conventional bolts (37b), but you can use long bolts and also the Set Screw (69). We’ll allow nuts since you can have the Nut from the Threaded Pins (115, 115a) and the Handrail Coupling (136). We don’t want to see any mutilated parts, so no sawing off legs from Reversed Angle Brackets, please!

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