Meccano Model Exhibition 2001

Saturday 20 October 2001
3rd Bromley Scouts Group Hall

20th October 2001 saw our annual Meccano Model Exhibition take place at the 3rd Bromley Scout Hall; a venue that we have used for the past few years. It’s a good sized hall and we managed to easily fill all the available table space, with a little bit of juggling around. Hopefully no one felt they were too squashed.

There was quite a variety of different models — there were no less than three large cranes towering over the smaller models, which made the overall display look appealing.

A view of the hall, with Ted Muggridge’s level-luffing crane on the right
A view of the hall, with Ted Muggridge’s level-luffing crane on the right

The 140 or so members of the public who turned up appeared to enjoy themselves, many staying for quite some time. I also had received a number of enquiries weeks beforehand. The week after the exhibition, there was a very colourful spread in the Bromley and Hayes edition of the News Shopper. Three photographs and a short description appeared on the Picture Special page under the headline ‘100 Years of Modelling’.

Thanks, of course, must go to everyone who brought models, helped on the door, put up posters and banners, and to the few who turned up on the Friday night to set out the tables.

Models on Display

Peter Clay brought a number of small models: A helicopter, with rotating main and tail rotors and light; An obstacle-climbing vehicle; The Spirit of St. Louis aeroplane; Caterpillar tractor; Motorbike; Station platform tractor and trailers; Stock car; Twin steering vehicle.

A 1:40 scale model of a 150 ton hammerhead crane was shown by regular guest Eddie Oatley. It was based on the real one seen at Barrow-in-Furness. The model was fully operational and contains six electric motors and 3,000 nuts and bolts.

Nigel Pope, back to modelling this year, had an impressive display which included Tower Bridge; Mersey ferry; floating boat; Flying helicopter; Spotter plane; Rock band; Two Meccanographs; Supermarine S4 float plane; BT Tower; Games spinner; Five army vehicles; Three clocks; Helicopter; Four motorbikes; Chinese compass; Christmas toy; Walking ‘Meccanosaur’; Electric car; Steam engine; Birthday card.

New member Brian Elvidge brought his table top block-setting crane. This won the Philip Bradley Trophy at the Holy Trinity Meccano Club’s April 2001 meeting. The model reproduced all the normal movements of the original, using E15R and E20R motors. He also had a 1962 № 5 set roundabout, a windmill from that year’s № 3 set, and a special edition crane from the 1999 set.

John Cowdery’s arrangement consisted of a № 9 set Liverpool ferry (complete with Tony Parmee’s ‘rock and roll’ mechanism); A 1950s № 9 set windmill; A battery-powered French Gendarme; A № 8 set coal loader in a wooden carrying case.

All the way from Manchester, on the train, visitor Dick Watson (North West Meccano Guild) brought a tower crane with a level-luffing, articulated jib.

Exhibition organiser Chris Warrell had a modified version of the Super Model 19A steam excavator, using the 1970s steam engine, and the locomotive coaling plant from the 1950s № 9 set.

David Smithers brought an improved version of the 1970s № 5 set model of Watt’s beam engine, and Robert Fulton’s experimental paddle steamer engine.

Len Spink was showing two car chassis, a tipper lorry from 1930s set № 8, in contemporary blue and gold, as well as some smaller models.

In Jim Arthur’s collection was a Ferris wheel, a Ferrari car, flak gun, 105mm gun, V-twin engine and some mini models on a base.

Tim Surtell brought his chocolate vending machine, a model teacher and a weightlifter.

Paul Heather had a twin-cylinder steam engine and a large model of a ‘Revenge’ class battleship.

An assortment of models was brought by Les Maher, including a remote-control dockyard crane with grab, in red and zinc, using five motors; A tricycle (with a small homemade pawl); A set of scales; Caterpillar track.

New member Ted Muggridge was showing an incomplete ½”:1’ scale model of a level-luffing Crane. It had 10 motors, but will require more weight to make it work. The model uses a number of ½” x 1½” x ½” channel girders in its construction.

A collection of models from Andrew Couzens: A horse and cart and a sports car, both in red and green; A mobile crane with dummy caterpillar tracks in yellow and zinc; An incomplete 0–6–0 steam locomotive and the body of a railway carriage.

Geoff Carter displayed 15 small set models including an infra-red control ‘dozer-type’ model.

A 1920s crane and four ‘Magic’ motor models were amongst the items brought by Jim Ellicott. He also showed a Chinese construction set, a Lynx construction set and a set of Meccano for ‘hands-on’ modelling.

George Foard brought Konkoly’s Cyclic Colour Mixer, a dealer’s display model big wheel and a display of tricycles and motorcycles.

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