M4 High-Speed Tractor

A 1:15 scale model of an Allis-Chalmers M4-HST (High Speed Tractor).

The original was made during WWII as an artillery tractor and munitions carrier and had a top speed of 35 MPH. In its current form, including body, the model will make 2 MPH and slew 360° on the spot in 5 seconds.

Other features are:

  • Double differential drive/steer system;
  • Ansmann Racing drive motor;
  • MFA/Como planetary geared motor for steering;
  • Meccano crawler track;
  • Sprung suspension rollers and wheels with slack adjustment;
  • Dummy winch, munitions crane, towing attachments, machine gun etc. ;
  • Removable body;
  • Two channel digital radio control

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