Pit Head Gear

This model was built for the September 2008 Secretary’s Challenge and so uses only parts 1 to 50 inclusive.

I’m not sure how many other Meccano models of this subject have been constructed, but I could only find instructions to one and that was mode № 29 in the late 1950s № 1 set (and a № 10 set model from the early 1950s, but I have mislaid my copy of the manual and couldn’t find it online). With no suitable Meccano model to use as a basis for my one, I used various photos found on the Internet. (I later discovered several models of pit head gear, but too late to alter the model.)

The main structure uses various lengths of strips and angles. A short length of mine shaft is modelled, and the cage is raised and lowered by hand.

After this fist showing I added a 1970s Meccano steam engine to power the hoisting of the cage. The shaft was lengthened to almost reach the floor when on a low table, and blue/gold plating was added to the deck around the rails.

Video of this version of the model can be seen on the DVD of the 2008 SELMEC exhibition.

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