Weight Lifter

This model was designed by Les Nightingale and published in Constructor Quarterly in 1993.

It is simply a weight lifter on a plinth, raising and lowering dumb-bell weights. The figures arms are Narrow Strips, and I repeated the figure to the side using standard strips — so the exercises were beneficial! (Despite the fact that it is the “manikin’s” legs that are actually doing the work!)

It is built to a yellow, silver and black colour scheme and makes a good display model. The mechanism is simple, a rod pushing the figure up and down via a connecting strip lock-nutted to an Elektrikit bush wheel. The only problem is the motor which is quite noisy.

Points of interest are:

  • The base which is a (replica) Hornby System of Mechanical demonstration base
  • The motor is the 6-speed PDU in green, from Temsi
  • The “manikin” figures bodies are Exacto bent trunnions which have slots rather than the big holes in standard ones
  • The Flanged Wheels and Pulleys of the dumb-bells are period Meccano finished in black.

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